We draw your attention to the need for proper sealing of containers.

  1. It is necessary to use only numbered bolt-type high-security seals. These are metal power seals of one-time use, the destruction of which requires the application of great physical effort. They have a rigid locking element in the form of a rod, designed for locking and simultaneous sealing of warehouses, aviation, railway and sea containers with a diameter of sealing holes of at least 8 and not more than 18 mm. The design of this group of seals allows you to lock mainly objects with a coaxial (coincident) arrangement of sealing holes.

Power numbered seals of bolt type

  1. The seal of the sender must be fixed on the right door of the container, by the left handle.

An example of the correct placement of a seal on a sea container

The correct location of the seal
  1. The number on the seal pin must match the number on the barrel.

Closed plobma

The number must match the number on the pinThe number of the seal on the pin must be the same

Failure to comply with the above conditions is a violation of the instructions of Russian Railways and Russian Customs legislation, which in turn entails financial costs. 

Following these instructions will guarantee the smooth dispatch of your cargo.