Today, most commercial organizations whose activities are related to the supply of imported consumer goods or complex production equipment and its components to the Russian market require high-quality supplies for uninterrupted supplydelivery and customs clearance services. Some organizations open their own logistics departments, while others follow the path of outsourcing, that is, they entrust these tasks to external specialists, namely freight forwarding companies or 3PL operators who organize international transportation andcustoms clearance of goods. These companies can optimize for the client all business processes related to acquisition, delivery andcustoms clearance of goods, to provide the full range of necessary services, offering the customer significant cost savings by reducing or even completely abandoning their own logistics units.

As a rule, the work of such companies begins with obtaining a clear technical task from the client, developing a concept and finding the optimal route along which it will movecargo, calculation of the entire cost of transportation, determination of the necessary transport and loading facilities, preparation of a complete set of documents and registration of the necessary permits, and after the arrival of goods in the Russian Federation,carrying out customs clearance. Cargo movement is monitored throughout the entire transportation.

There are many wayscargo delivery from China to Russia. One of the most common is sea container transportation.

We offer intermodal transportation of goods in containers on linear vessels that ply a certain route between several ports according to a schedule andcustoms clearance in Vladivostok, let's consider this method on the example of delivery from China, in more detail.

The scheme of movement of linear container ships FESCOMaritime transport is an integral part of the global transport system, its activities are regulated by national laws and international regulatory documents, conventions and rules, the implementation and observance of which is strictly controlled by all participating countries. This, in turn, ensures high reliability of this type of transport. Cargo transportation by sea is considered one of the most difficult. Sea cargo transportation consumes a large amount of labor and energy resources. However, the difficulties associated with sea cargo transportation are compensated by their affordable price for the consumer of the service.

Container sea cargo transportation, this type of cargo delivery inISOcontainers that have standard characteristics accepted worldwide, such as dimensions, weight, design features.

The use of containers has its undeniable advantages:

  • Acceleration of cargo transportation - the sender simply places many different small cargoes (for example, clothes and shoes) in one container, work is already being carried out directly with it, which increases labor productivity several times during loading and unloading.
  • ISO containers used all over the world have standardized dimensions, which allows the use of specialized transport for transportation and loading and unloading operations.
  • The unified arrangement of the clamps allows you to significantly reduce the work on securing containers on the vehicle. Reducing the time for loading and unloading, in turn, reduces the downtime of transport.
  • It does not require the creation of containers for each individual batch of goods and its attachment to the vehicle, this provides significant savings in wood, fasteners and other material resources.
  • The possibility of performing intermodal (multimodal) transportation is when the container can be immediately reloaded by crane from one type of transport to another (for example, from a ship to a railway platform, and after delivery to the destination station - by car).
  • Using a container allows you to protect the cargo from external influences.

The delivery time of goods in containers from China to the ports of Vladivostok is onlyfrom 3 to 9 days. After placing the containers on theSVH14 days of free storage and use are provided, this is more than enough to carry out all necessary operations, such as customs clearance,customs inspectionor inspection, MIDC and the like. It usually takes us from 1 to 5 days for customs clearance of the cargo.

The shipment of goods that have passed customs clearance is carried outfrom Vladivostok on container trains 10 times a week. The cargo is delivered to Moscow in an average of 11 days. Averagedelivery timecargo on the Shanghai – Moscow route is 30 days as a result, it is much faster to deliver goods through the ports of St. Petersburg or Novorossiysk.

The scheme of movement of the FESCO container train

We are ready to deliver to any Russian cities from the following ports - Bangkok, Laem Chabang - ♦Thailand♦, Singapore - ♦Singapore♦, Jakarta, Surabaya, Belawan - ♦Indonesia♦, Pasir Gudang, Port Klang, Penang - ♦Malaysia♦, Calcutta, Chennai, Nhava Sheva, Cochin - ♦India♦, Haiphong, Hochiminh - ♦♦ Vietnam, Manila - ♦Philippines♦.

The advantages of sea transport include the low cost of transportation, the ability to transport large quantities of cargo, the actual absence of restrictions on capacity. Cargo delivery by sea is characterized by versatility, reliability and affordable price of cargo transportation.

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