Customs procedures

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Term Definition
Customs procedureexport - code 10
Customs destruction procedure - code 93
Customs transit
Customs procedure of customs transit - code 80
Customs warehouse
Customs procedure of the customs warehouse - code 70
Customs procedure
A set of norms defining for the purposes of customs regulation the conditions and procedure for the use of goods in the customs territory of the Union or outside it.
Special customs procedure " >Special customs procedure- code 90
Free warehouse
Customs procedure of a free warehouse - code 77
Free customs zone
Customs procedure of the free customs zone -code 78

Customs regime in which goods previously imported into the customs territory of the Russian Federation are exported from this territory without payment or with a refund of the amounts of import customs duties and taxes paid and without the application to goods of prohibitions and restrictions of an economic nature established in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation on state regulation of foreign trade activities.

Customs procedure of reimport - code 60
Processing in the customs territory
Customs processing procedure in the customs territory - code 5
Recycling for domestic consumption
Customs processing procedure for domestic consumption - code 91
Processing outside the customs territory
Customs processing procedure outside the customs territory - code 21
Refusal in favor of the state
Customs procedure of refusal in favor of the state - code 94
Release for domestic consumption

The customs regime under which goods imported into the customs territory of the Russian Federation remain in this territory without an obligation to re-export them.

Synonyms- THEY ARE 40
Temporary removal
Customs procedure of temporary export - code 23
Temporary import (admission)
Customs procedure of temporary importation (admission) - code 53
Duty-free trade
Customs procedure of duty-free trade - code 96