The All-Russian classifier of products by types of economic activity is included in the "Unified System of classification and coding of technical, economic and social information" and is intended for processing information about products in all spheres of the national economy (primarily: economics, accounting, statistics, standardization) It has the designation OK 034-2014 (KPES 2008) developed by the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia on the basis of Rosstandart Order No. 14 dated 31.01.2014-from the date of introduction of the classifier 01.02.2014, the end date has not been set.

Official source of information: OKPD 2- the all-Russian classifier of products by types of economic activity on 01.01.2017 replaced the expired all-Russian classifier of products, abbreviated OKP, respectively, and in certificates of conformity and declarations of conformity, where the OKP code was used, from 01.01.2017 it is necessary to specify the OKPD code 2.

To certify various types of goods, you need to know the HS codeForeign economic activityand OKPD 2, depends on this information.

  • conformity certification scheme or declaration of conformity
  • compliance with standards (TR CU, GOSTR R)
  • type of document to be issued
  • the cost of the issued document

Pick up the OKPD 2 code and find the corresponding onesix-digit codeHSYou can in the table

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Table compliance of OKPD 2 and HS codes
OKPD Code 2 HS Code Product Name OKPD 2 Product Name HS id


The table of compliance of the OKPD 2 and HS codes is compiled on the basis of data from the Eurostat agency, the Commission of the European Union on the correlation of codes of the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System (HS) in 2012 and the Statistical Classification of Products by Type of Economic Activity in the European Union (CPES) in 2008, obtained from the website of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation. Using the search, you will be able to find the OKPD 2 or HS code and see their compliance.

The presented data are of a reference nature, reflect possible correspondences between the OKPD 2 andHSThe EAEUat the level of the first six characters, it is assumed that they will be used as additional, auxiliary information when selecting the codes of the OKPD 2 and HS classifiers for the corresponding categories of goods.

Services are not subject to classification in the Customs Code of the EAEU and are not included in this table.

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