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INVOICE orCOMMERCIAL INVOICE this is the invoice that the seller issues to the buyer.Invoiceit contains a list of goods and services, their quantity and the price at which they are delivered to the buyer, formal features of the goods, delivery conditions and information about the sender and recipient.

Invoiceit is a mandatory document for customs clearance.

The invoice does not have an established form, most of the participantsForeign economic activityThey use the forms recommended by the UN Economic Commission for Europe in 1983.

The invoice must contain the following data:

  • Number and date of compilation;
  • Seller's details required for payment
  • Buyer's details;
  • Contract number and date;
  • Quantity, product name, main characteristics, country of origin;
  • The price of the goods specified in the contract currency;
  • Terms of delivery;

The document is drawn up in a language understandable to both parties to the transaction, mainly in English. Compilation in two or more languages is possible.

Synonyms:Invoice,COMMERCIAL INVOICE,Commercial invoice